How it Works / Quick Overview

PIIP arranges the recruitment and employment of trainees and apprentices, placing them with vetted host companies for their training period. We help employers in the creative industries work through the regulations, processes and procedures involved in taking on a trainee or apprentice. Since we arrange the legal employment, you don't carry the risks of employment. This gives you maximum flexibility to respond to changing opportunities.


PIIP provides a range of services to help businesses in the creative industries take on a trainee or apprentice. Our services include:


Labour Hire

We’re a professional provider of labour resources in the creative industries.



We help you find the right candidate for FREE. There is no cost to recruit a trainee or apprentice. We provide screened candidates for your consideration. As the prospective host employer, you interview a short-list of candidates and select the one you like. PIIP then arranged their recruitment and provides appropriate support. We look after administration and payments including superannuation, salary and Workcover levy payments.



PIIP arranges all contracts, payroll and superannuation for you. We also resolve all the various government charges and requirements for you.


Training Agreement

We arrange registration of your Training Agreement with the State Training Authority. At the time of signing a representative can explain your rights and obligations under this contract.



PIIP will arrange the enrolment, monitoring and management of your trainees’/apprentices’ training program with the appropriate RTO on your behalf.


Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

To ensure compliance we arrange workplace inspections and arrange induction programs on safe work practices and employees’ rights and responsibilities.


Workers’ Compensation

We arrange all insurances, resolve claims and coordinate return-to-work programs. Claims are not processed against your workers’ compensation policy so you do not carry any risk. All you have to do is provide a safe work environment and meet all OH&S requirements.


Payroll Management

We arrange regular payment of your trainees’/apprentice’ wages, resolve all Workcover claims and process all entitlements such as superannuation, tax and workplace insurance. You are then set up with a trading account on terms and regularly invoiced. PIIP arranges the issue of itemised invoice statements that can be emailed, faxed or posted to you.


Personnel Records

We arrange maintenance of all personnel records for your trainee or apprentice.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Return your trainee or apprentice at any time if a problem arises.


Dispute Resolution

PIIP arranges regular monitoring of your trainee/apprentice. Should the need arise, we also arrange problem-solving mediation between you and your trainee/apprentice.


Managing Your Responsibilities

PIIP will help you manage your legal requirements. To view information from the NSW Department of Education & Training about supervising a trainee or apprentice click here.


Building Employment Capacity

We develope and bring to market various wholesale solutions to stimulate creative commerce and help underwrite demand for our trainees and apprentices. Our offerings are delivered in partnership with organisations like The Filmmakers Factory and Muso2Muso.