What To Expect

If you want to proceed you can expect the following steps:


Step 1.

Contact PIIP



Step 2.

PIIP involves a Group Training Organisation which helps your business determine its eligibility to receive incentive payments



Step 3.

You interview and employ a vetted candidate as a trainee or apprentice. PIIP works with many schools and can help you source the right person



Step 4.

You provide ‘on-site’ employment at a relevant industry trainee/apprentice rate-of-pay



Step 5.

A Registered Training Organisation becomes involved to provide your trainee/apprentice with requisite ‘off-site’ training according to your business needs



Step 6.

You get help to complete a National Training Agreement and register your trainee/apprentice with a State Training Authority in order to access your incentive payments



Step 7.

Your legal requirements are explained and you get help to access on-going government incentive payments



Step 8.

Both you and your trainee/apprentice get contacted at different stages throughout the Apprenticeship to monitor progress



Step 9.

The Group Training Organisation facilitates government incentive payments to you and your apprentice/trainee



Step 10.

You approve timesheets, participate in appraisals and pay your component of expenses



Step 11.

Once the competencies of the Apprenticeship have been achieved either a Registered Training Authority or State Training Authority issues a nationally recognized qualification



Step 12.

You receive a final completion incentive payment



Step 13.

When the trainee/apprentice finishes their qualification you can continue employing them under a relevant agreement



We can help with all your paperwork. We understand both state and federal requirements and can make it easy for you to take on an Australian Apprentice.