Want to invest in your business?


If you’re a small-to-medium business working in the creative industries then the Australian government wants to help you build your skills base. Government incentives are available to make it viable for you to employ an Australian Apprentice.


Employing an Australian Apprentice gives businesses in the creative industries a great way to grow their workforce without risk or major cost. PIIP has the systems and procedures to make it easy for you to take on emerging talent. Bring on an apprentice or trainee and repurpose existing staff into more profitable roles, boost business productivity, become equipped to take on more opportunities and get ready to expand into new markets.


PIIP is an amazing resource for the creative industries.


Key benefits of hiring a trainee or apprentice –


•  FREE Recruitment Service. We help you recruit the right candidate without charge


•  Receive Government Incentive Payments. Attract Government support


•  No Commitment. There’s no permanent employment contract


•  Flexible Hours. You decide when and how often they work for you


•  No Hassle Handback. Not happy? Hand them back


•  Succession Planning. Satisfy basic requirements and promote staff to profitable roles


•  Scale Your Workforce Without Risk. You don’t carry the apprentice on your payroll


•  Get The Right Fit. Candidates are matched according to skills, needs and culture


•  Best Candidate Guarantee. You choose who you take on


•  Payroll & HR Support. We organise all employment, payroll and workers compensation


•  No Workcover Expenses. We organise all insurances and claims


  Subsidised Training. You get subsidised training relevant to your business


•  Quality Training. Your trainee undertakes a nationally recognised qualification


•  Constant Support. We organise ongoing pastoral care for your trainee


•  Available All Year. They are available any time during the year



Providing an opportunity to a young adult as a host employer is a simple, cost-effective way to access quality emerging talent. Your workforce drives your success. Start with the best and engage the next generation of emerging professionals to grow your business.


Make the move. Get in touch today and get yourself a trainee or apprentice.