The Pacific Incubator of Intellectual Property Ltd ( PIIP ) is a small charitable institution established in 2009 by Claude Drulik. We operate as an Economic Development Agency, Industry Association and Group Training Organisation for the benefit of the creative industries. As a registered not-for-profit charity ( see ACNC ), we primarily coordinate vocational training via internships and traineeships ranging from film, advertising and marketing to industrial design, engineering and mechatronics. We support continuing professional development through ongoing education. PIIP also supports businesses through enterprise solutions, industry programs and special projects to drive sustainable growth, support workplace training and help young adults find meaningful employment. We aim to promote prosperity by fostering creativity, innovation and industry growth.


We work by channelling the collective talent and energy of many individuals, companies and organisations towards a common goal: provide practical, real-world opportunities to young adults and the next crop of emerging talent.


At PIIP, we live by a simple creed:


Honour makers, people devoted to crafting the future.


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