PIIP to You

PIIP commits to the following:


Ensure a safe and healthy work and training environment



Delivery of quality group training services



Delivery of quality training, assessment and supervision



Placement with a suitable host employer



Proper guidance and support throughout your traineeship or apprenticeship through scheduled monitoring visits



Regular liaison with the GTO and RTO to ensure your training is progressing according to the training plan



Operate under the terms and conditions of the relevant award



Help you deal with issues at either your workplace, the GTO or your RTO



We further commit to:


Responsible supervision of your wages, annual and sick leave



Monitoring that all paperwork is complete and that the training agreement is registered



Assist with your involvement with a GTO and enrolment with the RTO



Rotation to other host employers if required



Regular OH&S site inspections of host employers to ensure a safe and healthy work environment