Code of Practice

PIIP complies with the following practices:


National Code of Good Practice for Australian Apprenticeships click here



Relevant Codes of Practice for safety from Workcover click here

PIIP is committed to delivering quality employment and training services to its clients. This commitment is demonstrated by our work to ensure that:


Each trainee/apprentice participant receives quality training



Equal Employment Opportunity, Access and Equity needs are addressed



Only staff of the highest quality and experience are engaged



What you can expect from us:


PIIP will aim for:




Provide services which are client focused



Provide reliable, efficient responses to all enquiries



Provide an environment that fosters comfort and creativity



Be accountable and responsible for our decisions and actions using moderation / verification procedures across all our scope / courses



Ensure all staff have adequate and appropriate training and receive ongoing support



Ensure all our clients receive and understand our student fees protection policy and our refund policies during the induction process



Ensure our clients receive and understand the appeals and grievance policy during the induction process



Ensure all clients receive and understand the Occupational Safety and Health Policy during the induction process and clearly understand relevant evacuation procedures




Respond to requests for information or advice in a timely and professional manner



Provide easy to understand, current and accurate information and advice on all issues related to our scope of delivery



Follow up and maintain communication and consultation with our clients as required



Maintain our liaison with Industry using our current networks to monitor and update training products and services on offer



Involve Industry when applicable in the development of training resources and assessment tools



Seek feedback from all clients and react to this feedback when opportunities for improvement are identified



Ensure all clients who complete their course successfully receive their certification and / or statements of attainment in a timely manner




Treat all clients with dignity, courtesy, confidentiality and efficiency



Show respect and understanding and be culturally sensitive


Continuous Feedback


Continually assess and evaluate our services against the National Standards for Group Training Organisations quality policies and procedures to maintain quality responsiveness to clients’ needs and reflect the changes that may occur within the training packages



Seek our clients’ views as part of regular self-assessment and evaluation


For additional information please contact us.