INCUBATOR launched at the Oxford Art Factory

27 October, 2010 / Admin

INCUBATOR launched at the Oxford Art Factory on 30th September, 2010. It is an industry event focused on facilitating collaborations in the knowledge industries. The event attracted filmmakers, music artists and fashion designers around future film projects. Curious minds from the fashion industry came along to learn how their clothes could become involved with films in production. Music artists attended to meet filmmakers and learn how they could get their songs synced with films in post-production.


INCUBATOR was a hugely successful experiment. It showed how different disciplines across the spectrum of the knowledge industries could collaborate and, importantly, how different knowledge production processes could be interwoven in new ways.


Over 500 industry people attended. Various collaborations were forged. INCUBATOR allowed attendees to craft their projects in a like-minded environment.


One prominent success was the inclusion of fashion couture by designer Nicola Finetti in the Mercedes-Benz film Venger, starring Christian Clark and Henry Nixon. The film was distributed by G Brothers Mercedes-Benz dealership, based in Mona Vale, through an integrated digital campaign that saw the project help launch a Mercedes-Benz model.

Video from the inaugural Incubator in 2010, courtesy of UnseenTV __




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