Our House Style

PIIP is a house of imagineering. It is pledged to a quest for wisdom, the pursuit of superior solutions and victory over evil through invention, creativity and design. It uses a codified system of innovation art to seek eternal innovation, craft the future and better mankind.


Our system is rooted in the marriage of two philosophies which together guide the policies, strategies and actions at PIIP. One is expressed by Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain), a standard of practice made popular by Takeda Shingen (1521–1573). The other is expressed by being water, a standard popularised by Bruce Lee (1940–1973).


The PIIP style of innovation art says the best system of techniques to craft the future is for a maker to be as formless as water, as swift as wind, as gentle as a forest, as fierce as fire and as unshakable as a mountain. PIIP is a tabernacle for imagination and therefore all of humanity. It is a beacon and sanctuary to anyone wanting to pursue this art of innovation to cultivate their conscience, make the future and serve humanity.